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Creativity, dynamism, innovation, technology, and professionalism describe the Service Sector in Guatemala. With sustained growth over the past decade, it stands out for its wide range of knowledge-based services, as well as sustainable tourism and health and wellness services.


With exports to different markets, Guatemala provides market solutions to companies in the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, among others, which results in exports exceeding US$3.7 billion, according to data from BANGUAT (Bank of Guatemala).

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Board of Directors of AGEXPORT

Junta Directiva Agexport 2023

Members of the Board of Directors of AGEXPORT 2022-2023:

President: Carlos Gabriel Biguria, Vice President: Francisco Ralda, Carlos Arias, Devadit Barahona, Francisco José Menéndez , Andreas Kuestermann, Jorge Mario Del Cid, Silvana Marsicovetere, Eddy Martinez, Javier Castillo, Connie De Paiz, Leticia Salazar, Alejandro Toledo, Alejandro Ceballos, Estuardo Castro, Luis Pedro Solares, Estuardo Arriaga and Guillermo Montano.

Lic. Carlos Gabriel Biguria
President of the Board of Directors of AGEXPORT

Vicepresidente Agexport

Lic. Francisco Ralda
Vice President of the Board of Directors of AGEXPORT

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