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Integrated Export Services – SIEX

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It groups companies that specialize in environmental, legal, financial, tax, business strengthening, industrial, transport and logistics disciplines who, with their experience and capacity, contribute to the development of global value chains, increased competitiveness and greater exporter sustainability.

Guatemala exceeds expectations in Global and Logistical Services

Global service suppliers and exporters are in SIEX and are called SIEXPERT Comprehensive Solutions.

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Board of Directors of Integrated Export Services

Junta Directiva SIEX 2024

Integrantes de la Junta Directiva 2024-2026:

Presidente: Jorge Gómez; Vicepresidente: Fernando Díaz Durán; Secretario: Walter Martinez; Tesorero: Rosa María Sanabria; Vocal I: Elieser Castellanos; Vocal II: Diego Grajeda; Vocal III: Otoniel Barrios; Vocal IV: Carlos Díaz; Director Invitado: Aquiles Betancourt; Director Invitado: Susy Mejía; Director Invitado: Maissie Wright; Director Invitado: Haydee Ramírez; Director Invitado: David Flores; Director Invitado: Alejandra Pineda; Director Invitado: Leticia Salazar

Jorge Gómez
Presidente de la Junta Directiva SIEX
Fernando Díaz Durán
Vice-presidente de la Junta Directiva SIEX

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