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Health and Wellness Tourism

Guatemala, destination for Health and Wellness Tourism


Guatemala offers visitors one of the most modern cities in the region. Together with the highest quality standards in services and specialized medical infrastructure with cutting-edge technology, doctors who have specialized abroad, competitive prices and an enriching tourist experience, the country has become the destination of choice for Medical Tourism.

We have a broad portfolio of service providers such as: hospitals, dental clinics, ophthalmology clinics, medical centers and clinics that specialize in plastic and aesthetic surgery, traumatology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as oncology, diabetes, reproductive medicine and wellness services. Many of these services are internationally certified.

Health and Wellness Tourism that exceeds expectations worldwide

Guatemala offers a broad range of specialty medical services as the ideal destination to care for your health and wellness.

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Health and Wellness Tourism Board of Directors

JD Turismo de salud

President: Mario López; Vicepresident: Otto Roberto Coyoy; Secretary: Yaniri Kastillo; Treasurer: Víctor Urbina; Member I: Juan Francisco Yee; Member II: Rodrigo Guerra; Member III: César Vettorazzi; Guest Director: Georgina Fonseca; Guest Director: Adrián Alvarado.

Presidente Ing. Mario López
Mario López
President of Heath and Wellness Tourism
Vice Lic. Otto Coyoy
Otto Roberto Coyoy
Vice-president of Health and Wellness Tourism

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