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Information Technology
Outsourcing (ITO)

About ITO in Guatemala

The Information Technology Outsourcing Commission - ITO - consists of more than 65 Guatemalan digital companies that offer highest-quality goods and services in solutions and service as strategic allies of any organization.


Together we transcend borders and bring the best of digital talent and digital transformation through staffing, service as a product, consulting, auditing, cybersecurity and any other custom developments.


The exponential growth in the demand for Guatemalan talent in the technology industry in the last decade confirms that Guatemala is a country of great potential as an attractive option for technology companies in the short, medium and long term.



Junta Directiva ITO

Members of the Board of Directors 2022-2023:

President – Juan Carlos Ruiz; Vice-President – Oscar García Colón; Secretary – Leo Rosales; Treasurer – Pablo Barrera; Director I – Lorena Bin; Director II – Mauricio De León; Director III – Andrea Catalán – Director IV – Feliciano Monzón; Guest Director 0– Stuardo Lopez; Guest Director – Ricardo Rangel; Guest Director – Juan Carlos Rodríguez; Guest Director – Devadit Barahona; Guest Director – Edgar Santos; Guest Director – Emilio Escamilla

Presidente Juan Carlos Ruiz ITO
Juan Carlos Ruiz
ITO President
Vicepresidente Oscar Garcia ITO
Oscar García Colón
ITO Vice-President

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