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Guatemalan Exports

Aquaculture and Fisheries

AGEXPORT's Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector brings together more than 80% of the producers and exporters of fishery products in Guatemala, and is made up of the shrimp farming, tilapia farming, tuna fishing, dorado fishing, processing plants, balanced feed mills, marketers and input suppliers. This Sector's main objective is to promote the responsible and sustainable development of the aquaculture and fishing; and increase and facilitate exports of their products.

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In the last three decades, the Guatemalan agricultural sector has positioned itself as a important supplier of top-level fruits and vegetables to markets such as the United States United States, European Union, Asia and Latin America. With its daily work, AGEXPORT's Agricultural Sector brings opportunities for market, financing and the best technologies to agricultural producers Guatemalans, members of agricultural companies, farms, groups of agricultural producers, micro-enterprises, cooperatives, agro-services, food companies, among others, so that increase their competitiveness and productivity, thus facilitating the access of their products to the international markets.

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Contact Center & BPO

AGEXPORT's Contact Center & BPO Sector is made up of the main companies of this specialty that operate in Guatemala, serving mainly the markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Spain and itself Guatemala. These contact centers offer customer service, finance, logistics, human resources and knowledge services for diversity of verticals. Between these the latter are banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing- distribution and retail, utilities and construction, media communication and entertainment.

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Industry Services

The AGEXPORT Services Sector was created in 2005 with the aim of increase exports in a sector that is growing rapidly in the world. The The sector is made up of more than 250 leading and innovative companies that contribute to the economic development of the country. It works hand in hand with public institutions, academic, private and international organizations to promote the growth of companies and the incorporation of more talent.

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The AGEXPORT Manufacturing Sector is made up of manufacturing companies and exporters of manufactured products. Support entrepreneurs to consolidate the value chain so that they can access new markets. To this end, public and academic alliances are generated, addressing issues such as innovation, productivity, regulatory compliance, networking activities, as well as Participation in fairs both nationally and internationally.

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Apparel and textiles

The Clothing and Textiles Sector is the main exporter of the country and stands out in the national and international level as a competitive, responsible, versatile and flexible sector. Exports from this sector reach US$ 1.5 billion annually. Their The main export destinations are the United States, Central America, Mexico and Canada, among others. Currently, the clothing and textiles sector is one of the most dynamic in the national economy, contributing considerably to economic growth and development of the country representing 8.9 percent of national production (GDP).

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