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What is the Orange Economy?

economia naranja

Orange economy is defined as the group of linked activities through which ideas are transformed into cultural goods and services whose value is determined by intellectual property.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who come together to transform ideas, creativity and talent into entrepreneurship, projects and businesses to effectively reach desired international markets.


Guatemala has a exportable offer of natural cultural and creative talent. Writers, sculptors, painters, film and television artists, and producers have stood out and won awards worldwide, and have also contributed to the economic development of the country during the last century.


This subsector of AGEXPORT was created with the objective of consolidating Guatemalan creative industry companies, coordinating initiatives between the private, public and academic sectors and thus potentiating creative talent on an international scale and thereby developing the country's Creative Industry cluster.

Guatemala exceeds expectations in the Orange Economy

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Orange Economy Board of Directors

Junta Directiva 2024

Integrantes de la Junta Directiva 2024-2025:

Presidente: Pili Mejía; Vicepresidenta: Andrea de la Paz; Secretario: José Eduardo López; Tesorero: Roberto De León; Directora Titular: Aracely Gatica, Directora Titular: Hania Krück;  Directora Invitada: Ana Beatriz Flores; Directora Invitada: Mildred Mansilla; Director Invitado: Erlin Ayala; Directora Invitada: Mariam Polanco; Director Invitado: Luis Tercero. Directa Invitada: Wendy García; Director Invitado: Fernando Sosa.

Pili Mejía
Pili Mejia
Presidente de Junta Directiva
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Andrea de la Paz
Vice-presidente de Junta Directiva

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