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The Laboratories Sector provides services to more than 75% of export products. It includes services for all product export chains, starting with the receipt of raw materials till the end with verification of end products. It may also include local legal requirement compliance verification services or end market verification services, such as food safety or product labeling. It has state-of-the-art technology and international accreditations, so the services are exported directly to users in Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean region. Reports from Guatemalan accredited laboratories are accepted worldwide.


The Sector is integrated by laboratories that provide services to industry, by internal laboratories of large national and multinational companies, by suppliers of equipment and supplies, by specialized service providers such as calibration or hazardous waste management experts, and by complementary service companies such as consultancies or, for example, design development and construction of water treatment plants.

US$ 44.99 Millones

En exportaciones directas e indirectas en el año 2023 con un aumento del 26% a comparación del año 2022. Exportación indirecta es el servicio sumado al producto nacional exportado.

+ 10 countries 

We export services to Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Our clients are exporters, international buyers and food franchises or commercial chains.

Diverse service offering

We offer tests, audits or certifications, as well as equipment, supplies and technology for regional laboratories. the major markets served are: food, agricultural production, environmental services, light manufacturing and health.

Service segments

Service Laboratories

They provide testing services for industrial companies, importers and exporters of agricultural products, industrial and health products. They also offer environmental, calibration and human health services.


They provide supplies, services and equipment for the testing services suppliers. The segment includes suppliers of equipment and supplies, safety equipment, rapid test kits and metrological services.

Ancillary Services

They are made up of professional services closely related to the use of laboratory results, such as: water treatment, hazardous waste disposal and recycling.

Internal Laboratories

Laboratories that belong to private companies operating in Guatemala and that constantly carry out quality control analyses of raw materials, processes and products related to their activity.

Zsolt Gerendas

Zsolt Gerendas

Agronomist / Laboratory Accreditation

Languages: Spanish, English


28 years of experience in Quality Assurance systems development. Consulting services in quality assurance systems for laboratories. ISO 9000, HACCP, Good Agricultural Practices, and Good Manufacturing Practices. Cooperation projects.

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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