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The Specialty Cocoa and Chocolate Subsector is made up of fine and flavour cocoa producers located mainly on the South Coast of Guatemala (of Soconusco Origin), as well as in the Northern Region of the country (Origins: Alta Verapaz, Río Dulce and Petén). It includes bean-to-bar chocolate shops in Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala.


The Beekeeping Subsector includes honey producers (Beekeepers), collectors, packers and exporters of bee honey. It is made up of SMEs from different regions of the country, who share the mission of promoting Guatemalan beekeeping competitiveness, as well as honey exports, in full compliance with international safety and quality standards. The Subsector also promotes the development of technical pollination services for export crops.

Product Categories

Specialty Cocoa and Chocolate

Bee Honey

Benefits of becoming a member of the specialty Product Committee


As a member of AGEXPORT through the Specialty Product Subsector you may have access to:

Training and technical assistance in BPA's, BPM's, HACCP principles and safety certifications.

Support programs for the implementation of sustainability certifications.

Advice for the generation of exportable supply based on international quality standards.

Advice for the fulfillment of norms and regulations to export. Accompaniment to export.

Representativeness of the sector in national and international forums.

Trade promotion of the exportable supply as a block in international trade fairs.

AGEXPORT's Cocoa Quality Laboratory offers analysis services based on International Standards for Cocoa Quality and Flavor Assessment, ISCQF.

Advantages of associating with Agexport


As a member of AGEXPORT you will receive consultancy services from the Commission and from related departments and market and trend information on your export product. You will also receive continuous bimonthly training on export processes, as well as support to address barriers to trade.


You may opt for institutional discounts for members and be listed in the exporters' Directory. In addition, you can participate in trade negotiations, receive invitations to trade fairs and for the promotion of our products and of your company with foreign businesspersons to grow exports.

Jossué Aguirre

Jossué Aguirre

Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences

Languages: Spanish, English


Expertise in the study of Global Value Chains, with research developed for various Central American value chains including Agroindustrial ones. Skills in Engineering Systemic Thinking, Industrial Development, Economic Analysis, and other fields.

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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