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Avocado Committee

Guatemalan Avocados Present Worldwide


The avocado subsector consists of exporting companies and quality-export producing farms and some other in process for this purpose. The main objectives are to increase the volume of quality avocado exports, position Guatemala as one of the main avocado suppliers in the world; develop avocado plantations with exportation vision; and improve the productivity of avocado from Guatemala. The avocado varieties grown in Guatemala are Hass, Booth 8 and Creole, which are found in almost the entire country.

Guatemala exceeds Avocado Expectations


For the Avocado Subsector it is important to create alliances for the growth of companies, therefore, we make our alliances available:

Board of Directors of the Avocado Subsector

Members of the 2022-2023 Board of Directors of the Subsector: President: Gloria Elena Polanco Vice President: Armando Sandoval Treasurer: Freddy Hochstetter Secretary: Alan Bruderer Four Directors: Andrés Espinoza, Marco Quilo, Andreas Lanz, Gerardo Navarro Guest Director: Clark MacDonald, Luis Teo, Fabián Leoni and Alejandro Bolaños.

Gloria Elena Polanco
President of the Avocado Subsector
Armando Sandoval
Vice President of the Avocado Subsector 

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