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Specialty Products Subsector

Beekeeping, Cocoa and Chocolate

Exporting Guatemalan specialty products to the world

It is made up of companies, cooperatives and associations that produce, package and export commodities with special quality and origin characteristics, among which it is worth highlighting spices, honey, cocoa, chocolate, cobanero chili, macadamia, sesame seeds, cinnamon, organic products, among others.


These have distinctive special characteristics resulting from the different ecosystems and microclimates in which they are grown, as well as the meticulous harvest and post-harvest process with which they have conquered market niches in Europe, the United States and Asia.


This Subsector exports an average of US$ 80 million per year and is regularly present in globally relevant trade events such as Sial (France), Anuga and Biofach (Germany). It also focuses on meeting safety and quality standards which help it ensure long-term business relationships.

Guatemala exceeds expectations with Specialty Products


It is important for the Specialty Product Subsector to build partnerships to ensure company growth. To that end, we make our partnerships available to members:

Board of Directors of the Specialty Product Subsector

Members of the Board of Directors of the Subsector 2022-2023: Specialty Cocoa and Chocolate Subsector: Peter Schellenberg, Finca La Cruz-President; Rodrigo Sevilla, KAMPURA S.A.-Vice President; Astrid Ortiz, Comercial Los Árboles-Treasurer; Anaite Papahiu, KACAOU-Secretary; Insa Thiele, Finca Nahuatancillo-Director, Eldon Wiggins, Maracuyá S.A.-Director; Carlos Herman, Agroindustrias JUHU S.A.-Director; Dario Urdaneta, Finca El Tesoro S.A.-Director.


Beekeeping Subsector: Raúl Solares, AGROCOLMENA S.A.-Chair; Alvaro Almengor, COPIASURO R.L.- Vice Chair; Martin Ixtetelá, Apicola Atitlán R.L.-Secretary; Marisela Méndez, Méndez Beekeeping Equipment Factory - Treasurer; Edgar Muralles, Agropecuaria Atitlán S.A.-Director; Ricardo Dávila, TRANEX S.A.-Director.

Peter Schellenberg
President of Specialty Product Subsector
Raúl Solares
President of Beekeeping Subsector
Rodrigo Sevilla
Vice Presidente of Specialty Cocoa and Chocolate Subsector AGEXPORT
Alvaro Almengor
Vice President of Beekeeping Subsector AGEXPORT

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