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Specialty Products Subsector

Promotes exportable supply through the adoption of global quality standards for products with distinctive characteristics that come from their origin, and quality attributes that are guaranteed through harvest and post-harvest protocols. Guatemalan Specialty Products are exported to specialized niches of international markets in the European Union, Asia and the United States. This Subsector includes the Specialty Cocoa and Chocolate Committee and the Beekeeping Committee. The main products represented are: fine cocoa, premium chocolate, honey, macadamia, turmeric, pepper and sesame seeds.

US$ 19,882,361.92 millones

A growth of 10% compared to the FOB value of exports 2021

+15 Countries

Specialized niches in the European Union, Asia and the United States.

+10 Products

The Subsector includes mainly specialty products such as: Honey, fine cocoa, premium chocolate, macadamia, turmeric, pepper and sesame seeds. In turn, pollination services for export crops are also promoted.

Product Categories

Specialty cocoa and chocolate

Bee Honey

Jossué Aguirre

Jossué Aguirre

Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences

Languages: Spanish, English


Expertise in the study of Global Value Chains, with research developed for various Central American value chains including Agroindustrial ones. Skills in Engineering Systemic Thinking, Industrial Development, Economic Analysis, and other fields.

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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