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The Mango Subsector brings together fresh mango producers and packers who together work for the quality of mangoes for export to different international markets and ensuring the opening of new markets. It carries out technical training with international experts to train producers and conduct technical tours to transfer knowledge to producers.


A work plan directed to the needs of the sector is prepared, ensuring the competitiveness of the industry. Through the Mango Subsector, the sector is represented before international organizations, government agencies, and different entities with which it works in strategic alliances for the benefit of the productive chain.

Product Categories

Mango tommy cortado

Tommy Atkins

Aroma: Small hints of tropical fruits and citrus

Flavor: Tart with sweet notes

Texture: Firm flesh due to fibers throughout

Color: A dark red blush often covers much of the fruit with green and orange-yellow accents.

Shape: medium to large with oval or oblong shape

Ripening Cues: This mango may not provide any visual cues. Squeeze gently to judge ripeness.

Peak Availability: from March through July

Dos mangos amarillos variedad ataulfo

Honey [Originally Ataulfo]:


Aroma: Tropical fruits and notes of peach

Flavor: Sweet and sour with tropical fruits notes

Texture: Smooth, firm flesh with no fibers

Color: Vibrant yellow Shape: small, flattened oblong shape

Ripening Cues: Skin turns to a deep golden color and small wrinkles appear when fully ripe. Squeeze gently to judge ripeness.

Peak Availability: from March through July

mango Keitt



Aroma: Lots of citrus notes

Flavor: Sweet and fruity

Texture: firm, juicy flesh with limited fibers

Color: Dark to medium green, sometimes with a pink blush over a small portion of the mango

Forma: Large oval shape

Ripening Cues: Skin stays green even when ripe. Squeeze gently to judge ripeness.

Peak Availability: from March through April, August and September

mango Kent cortado



Aroma: Peach and tropical fruits

Flavor: Sweet with hints of acid notes

Texture: Juicy, tender flesh with limited fibers

Color: dark green and often has a dark red blush over a small portion of the mango

Shape: Large oval shape

Ripening Cues: Kents have yellow undertones or dots that cover more of the mango as it ripens. Squeeze gently to judge ripeness.

Peak Availability: January, February and December

Benefits of Being a Member of the Mango Subsector


As a member of AGEXPORT through the Mango Subsector, you can:

Work is based on a work plan aimed to the needs identified by the sector.

Support and representation before government agencies, institutions and forums of interest

Representation of the association in admissibility processes to access new markets.

Development, management and execution of projects to obtain cooperation funds.

Training and technical tours with international experts.

Access to information on current and potential markets.

Advantages of associating with Agexport


Al ser miembro de AGEXPORT usted obtendrá asesoría de la comisión y departamentos relacionados: información de mercados y tendencias de acuerdo con su producto de exportación. Así mismo, formación continua en procesos de exportación de manera bimensual y apoyo en obstáculos al comercio.


You may opt for institutional discounts for members and be listed in the exporters' Directory. In addition, you can participate in trade negotiations, receive invitations to trade fairs and for the promotion of our products and of your company with foreign businesspersons to grow exports.

Cinthia Carias

Cinthia Carias

MBA. Administración de Negocios

Languages: Spanish, English


Más de 10 años de experiencia en áreas administrativas, y servicio al cliente. Coordinación y ejecución de eventos. Participación en ferias nacionales e internacionales.

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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