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ITO Guatemala represents process optimization, sales increase, effective communication, digitization, automation and digital transformation for all industries in the world. Its main focus is to become a strategic ally of any corporation through staffing, tailored solutions, solutions as a service, consultancy, advice, auditing, cybersecurity, connectivity, and many more services.


ITO is a benchmark in intangible technology and a perfect fit for the world thanks to its digital talent, English, schedules and quality of service.


ITO Guatemala represents a united industry committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Benefits of Being Associated with Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)


As a member of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), you can:

Access to digital talent

Develop continuous improvement for the company and its teams

Access the link with business opportunities

Carry out and participate in our development alliances

Being part of a united industry

Qualify for exclusive opportunities

Advantages of becoming an AGEXPORT member

As an AGEXPORT's member you can receive advice from the Commission and associated departments, as well as market information and trends according to your export product. Likewise, continuous training in export processes is offered on a bi-monthly basis, and support in avoiding trade barriers.


As an additional benefit, institutional discounts for members and presence in the Exporters Directory are offered. In addition, participation in business transactions of interest, invitations to trade fairs and promotion of your products and your company with foreign businessmen interested for the benefit of export growth.

Juan Andrés Oliva

Juan Andrés Oliva

Business Engineering, MBA Candidate

Languages: Spanish, English


8 years of experience in Project Administration and Management. Project Design and Execution. Administrative Management. Business Development.

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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