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Guatemala's exportable supply, represented by AGEXPORT, is: melon, mango, blackberry, papaya, avocado (Hass and Booth-8), Persian lime, rambutan, plantain, banana, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, mangosteen, litchi, passion fruit, guanaba, jocote and pitahaya. Guatemala produces and exports fruits throughout the year, which allows this sector to be one of the most important within the agricultural sector; in 2021, US$539 million in exports were registered, showing relative growth, since in 2020 exports were US$536. An employment generation of 127,000 direct and indirect jobs is projected.


With the objective of strengthening the fruit sector both in terms of business opportunities, job creation and market diversification, it has identified areas for improvement in the different links of the fruit production chain and mainly in exports. Likewise, it has had the support of AGEXPORT's Competitiveness Management to carry out workshops that help focus the triggering actions in the development strategy of the main export sectors. This entails challenges for all the actors and of which the AGEXPORT Fruit Commission is in the best position to develop them.


The triggering actions for the development strategy of the fruit sector include issues such as new technology, product presentations, access to new markets and implementation of digital sales platforms; At the same time, they strengthened the implementation of quality, productivity, sanitary, phytosanitary, social and environmental responsibility systems, as well as commercial promotion, market studies, certifications, among others.

Benefits of Being a Member of the Fruit Subsector


As a member of AGEXPORT through the Fruits Subsector, you can:

Training in GAP, BPM, MIP, quality, cold chain, trade, CSR and environmental, etc.

Transfer of knowledge and experiences through field trips.

Personalized attention in activity related to production and export of each company.

Representation before government entities, institutions and forums of interest to the sector.

Representation of the sector in events and fairs in the US, EU and Guatemala.

Update of regulations, admissibility of markets and potential market opportunities.

Development, management and execution of international cooperation projects.

Strategic alliances with benefit entities for the development of the sector.

Advantages of associating with Agexport


As a member of AGEXPORT you will receive consultancy services from the Commission and from related departments and market and trend information on your export product. You will also receive continuous bimonthly training on export processes, as well as support to address barriers to trade.


You may opt for institutional discounts for members and be listed in the exporters' Directory. In addition, you can participate in trade negotiations, receive invitations to trade fairs and for the promotion of our products and of your company with foreign businesspersons to grow exports.

Marta Castañón

Marta Castañón

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Languages: Spanish, English


21 years of experience in the Development of the Agricultural Sector. Development of export companies and agricultural products. Project implementation. Negotiation.

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