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Guatemalan Exports

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Guatemala, located in Central America, has a privileged global geostrategic position that allows business expansion to the entire continent, representing an excellent opportunity for investment and trade.


The country has the least volatile economy in Latin America, it is one of the three in the region that has not declined economically during the last 30 years, according to the International Monetary Fund. In 2n 018 an economic growth between 2.8% – 3.2% is expected.


US$75,589.6 million
(nominal PBI 2017)

With a historic liberalization of foreign trade, Guatemala has 12 free trade agreements and treaties with the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Cuba, Belize, Ecuador, Central America, the Dominican Republic, Taiwan and an Association Agreement with the European Union, in addition to 19 investment agreements that offer equal treatment to local and foreign investors.


US$11,000 millions
(Exports 2017)

In relation to exports, there has been a diversification of sectors and export destination markets. To contribute to an inclusive, accelerated and sustainable growth of exports, Guatemala approved the National Competitiveness Policy, in which one of the axes of cluster development that has the greatest capacity for growth, exports and employment generation.

Foreign Trade of Guatemala – Trade Balance



Guatemala presents the largest portfolio of infrastructure projects available in the Central American region through the modality of public-private alliances. In 2017 Guatemala closed with a figure of US$1,146.7 million of foreign direct investment -FDI-, mainly represented by large projects established in the sectors of commerce, banking and finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, electricity and agriculture.

+ US$ 11 MM

+ US$ 18.3 MM

- US$ 7.3 MM
2017 Exports 2017 Imports 2017 Trade balance

Exports of products and services

Guatemala is diverse, both in its culture, its people, and in the export proposal, which constantly evolves between the export proposal of products and services.

The export sector represents +17.7% of GDP (2019)

+US$ 10 billion as of November 2020 – 0.7% more than in November 2019

+4 thousand products and thousands of customized SERVICES make up the exportable offer of Guatemala

We are in more than 146 countries and the sector generates more than 1 million jobs

Guatemala: Strategic point
and the ideal destination for
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