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Agricultural sector


In the last three decades, the Guatemalan Agricultural Sector has positioned itself as an important supplier of top quality fruits and vegetables to the United States, the European Union, Asia, and Latin American markets.


With its daily work, AGEXPORT's Agricultural Sector nears market opportunities, financing and the best technologies to Guatemalan farmers, members of agricultural companies, farms, groups of farmers, micro-enterprises, cooperatives, agro-services, food companies, among others, to improve their competitiveness and productivity, thus facilitating access of their commodities to international markets.

Guatemala exceeds expectations with its fruits and vegetables


The Agricultural Sector prioritizes partnerships for its companies to grow. To that end, we make our partnerships available:

Board of Directors of the Agricultural Sector

unta Directiva Agexport 2023

Members of the Board of Directors 2023-2024: President: Carlos Gabriel Biguria, Vice President: Francisco Ralda, Carlos Arias, Devadit Barahona, Francisco José Menéndez, Andreas Kuestermann, Jorge Mario Del Cid, Silvana Marsicovetere, Eddy Martínez, Javier Castillo, Connie De Paiz , Leticia Salazar, Alejandro Toledo, Alejandro Ceballos, Estuardo Castro, Luis Pedro Solares, Estuardo Arriaga and Guillermo Montano.

Presidente Agexport
Lic. Carlos Gabriel Biguria
President of AGEXPORT
Lic. Francisco Ralda
Vice-president of AGEXPORT

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