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Contact Center & BPO Sector

Sector´s Potential in Guatemala

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Made up of the main Contact Center and BPO companies that operate in Guatemala, including: ACT, Allied Global, Atento, Alorica, BR Group, Capgemini, Everise, Conduent, Genpact, HCLTech, TELUS International, [24], Xerox, Webhelp, Pronto BPO, Teleperformance, Tu Salud Global, Nearsol, VXI.


These companies that mainly serve the markets of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Guatemala. They provide customer service, finance and accounting, procurement and logistics, human resources, and knowledge services for a variety of verticals, including: banking and finance, telecommunications, manufacturing-distribution and retail, utilities and construction, media and entertainment.


The Contact Center & BPO industry is considered one of the industries with the greatest potential for job creation in Guatemala, due to the trend in outsourcing services worldwide, the geographic and demographic potential, results, and ability to grow that companies currently operating in the country.

Guatemala´s Contact Center & BPO

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Contact Center & BPO Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors of the Sector 2023-2025:

President: Eduardo Castillo; Vicepresident: Roberto Sagastume; Secretary: Luis Ángel Morales; Treasurer: Estuardo Ligorría; Spokeperson I: Manuel Gordo; Spokeperson II: José Urizar..

Eduardo Castillo
President of the Contact Center & BPO Board of Directors
Roberto Sagastume
Vicepresident of the Contact Center & BPO Board of Directors

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