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Contact Center & BPO

AGEXPORT's Contact Center & BPO Sector is made up of the main companies that operate in Guatemala, mainly serving markets in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Guatemala itself.


These contact centers offer customer service, finance, logistics, human resources and knowledge services for a diversity of verticals. Among the latter are banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing-distribution and retail, public services and construction, media and entertainment.

US$ 882 Millions

A 13% increase compared to 2021.

10+ Countries

United States, Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, and India are among the most important markets.

Broad Range of Services

Includes Customer Service, Finance and Accounting, Procurement and Logistics, Human Resources, and Knowledge Services.

Benefits of Becoming a Contact Center & BPO


As a Contact Center & BPO Member, you have access to:


Access to sector statistics for Guatemala.

Ability to hire graduates of the intensive English training program, Finishing School.

Participation in several work committees for decision-making on strategic pillars and projects.

Participation in sector-exclusive job fairs.

Brand presence in communication materials.

Advantages in Joining AGEXPORT


As an AGEXPORT member, you will have access to advice from the Commission and other relevant departments, i.e.: regarding market information and trends regarding your export product. Additionally, you can access bimonthly continuous training courses in export processes and support in overcoming obstacles to trade.


You can receive institutional member discounts and be listed in the Exporters Directory. In addition, you can participate in trade negotiations of your interest, be invited to trade fairs and promote your products and your company among interested foreign companies, for the benefit of exports.

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Gustavo Mendoza

Gustavo Mendoza


Languages: Spanish, English


Seven years of experience in administrative and financial matters. Budget design and execution. Administrative management. Analysis of economic data.

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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