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Guatemala, the Best Country to Invest in

Guatemala has an integrated cluster to promote interaction among companies that trade in yarn, clothing, fabric finishing, garments, and accessories. This enables the industry to offer high value-added products with a complete package and rapid response services to its clients around the world.

The Guatemalan textile and apparel industry has more than 30 years of history and represents 14.16% of total exports, which makes it the main exporting sector in the country. It is a booming business, and Guatemala serves as a platform for companies in the sector to get closer to major clients worldwide (United States, Mexico).

Economic engine in Central America

9% GDP in 2021

+77 markets in 2021

+1.9 Billion in exports in 2021

+180,000 jobs in 2021

Investment Opportunities

Textiles and apparel, as well as related industries such as accessories, labels, zippers, dyeing, garment finishing, etc.

Products: 8 categories: M/B cotton jersey t-shirts; pullovers, M/B synthetic fiber sweaters; cotton dress coats; shorts, synthetic fiber pants, M/B; underwear.

Extremely diversified Productive Sector



In recent years, Guatemala has experienced important productive diversification, developing a wide number of productive sectors. Some of these, traditional to the country, are very important (as is the case of agriculture, which represents 10 percent of the national GDP). However, commercial activity (23) and industry (18) are equally important.


Service industries are likewise very important for the country and we currently experience very significant dynamism in software development services, contact centers and BPO, tourism, laboratory services, and others.

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