Sector-wide Strategy

AGEXPORT seeks to represent the exporter Agricultural Sector of Guatemala to contribute to its trade and economic growth by providing reliable and up-to-date information to enhance competitiveness, diversification and the exportable supply of the non-traditional agricultural sector.


To accomplish the sustainability of the sector through the provision of services tailored to agricultural companies, promoting diversification and increasing exportable supply.


With the objective to strengthen the exporter agricultural sector by creating units and implementing programs that facilitate exports of members of the agricultural division, and help increase exportable supply by bringing in new members, improving productivity and the diversification of commodities and markets.

Strategic pillars

Institutional agricultural strengthening

To improve our ability to serve members and improve their level of satisfaction and sustainability, even through the creation of new adequate services and by bringing in new agricultural members to improve sector-wide representation.

Markets and exportable supply

Activities to facilitate approach to the market and that promote investment to increase exports, are carried out together with AGEXPORT service units.

Diversification and agricultural technology

This effort has the purpose of promoting increased exports through the implementation of new technologies to raise the productivity of commodities with a high potential in international markets.

Legal and Institutional Framework

This pillar seeks active involvement in working with government agencies, to propose a legal framework that allows and promotes agricultural export enhancement, as well as participation in work groups and fora of sectoral interest.

Benefits of being an associate of the Agricultural Sector


By being a member of AGEXPORT through the Agricultural Sector, you can:

Sector-wide Representation

Technological Updating

Business Facilitation

Advantages of associating with Agexport


By being a member of AGEXPORT you will obtain advice from the commission and related departments: market information and trends according to your export product. Likewise, continuous training in export processes on a bimonthly basis and support in obstacles to trade.


You will also benefit from institutional discounts for members and be listed in the Exporters Directory. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to participate in trade negotiations of your interest, receive invitations to trade fairs, and have your products and company promoted to foreign entrepreneurs interested in your offering, thus contributing to the growth of exports.

Fernando Zuloaga

Fernando Zuloaga

Agronomist Engineer with a Specialty in Agricultural Economics

Languages: Spanish


Administration of agricultural and commercial companies. Finance Foreign trade and certifications

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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