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It is made up of Persian lemon exporting, producing and trading companies. With the aim of promoting the production and export of Persian Lime and other citrus fruits, it was organized also to represent and promote the citrus fruit sector as innovative and reliable. Its commitment is to ensure Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices that guarantee the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability, as well as compliance with the regulations of each country of interest to members. Persian Lime and Creole Lime varieties grow in different regions of Guatemala. The first one predominates because of its highest demand by international markets. Guatemala also produces organic persian lime.

Persian Lime is exported throughout the year, however, the peak season is from July to September. Exports of Persian Lime go to these markets: United States 70%, European Union 20% and Central America 5%. It includes groups of small and medium holders that generate 5,000 jobs in the entire production chain from planting to marketing. Guatemala also exports dehydrated lime, also a part of the exportable supply. Its main destinations are the United States and the Middle East. Several exporting companies and producing farms in Guatemala are committed to good agricultural and manufacturing practices. This allows them to be certified with Global G.A.P., SMETA and GRASP, among others, and thus be able to supply the European Union, European and Central American markets.

USD 4,185,249 million

A positive difference of USD 531,201 is recorded by the Central Bank

+10 Countries

United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and Central America. For Persian lime it is US, EU and CA; and dehydrated lemon: USA and Middle East

+10 Products

Varieties of limes and lemons: Persian lime and Creole lemon

Marta Castañón

Marta Castañón

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21 years of experience in Development of the Agricultural Sector. Development of export companies and agricultural products. Project implementation. Negotiation.

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