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Guatemalan Plastic Products

The Guatemalan Plastic Products Subsector has the capacity to meet national and international demand for raw materials, by-products of plastic manufacturing processes such as injection, blow molding, extrusion, rotational molding, etc. Recycling companies have the capacity to close the life cycle of the materials produced.


This subsector focuses its efforts on promoting sustainability from production up to guaranteeing, through member companies, the full circle of the life cycle of these materials through the promotion of circular economy models. Guatemalan companies also have the capacity to supply international markets.

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Board of Directors of the Plastic Product Subsector

Members of the 2022-2023 Board of Directors of the Commission: CHAIR - MS. Olga Orellana – OREPLAST; VICE CHAIR – Mr. Marcos Arimany – ROTOPRIN; TREASURER – Ms Cristina Aguiñada – TECNIPLASTIC; SECRETARY – Ms. Milvia Cordón – AGROINDUSTRIAL SACKS; MEMBER I – Mr. Rodolfo Bollat – INGRUP; MEMBER II – Mr. Alfredo Beneitez – POLYTEC; MEMBER III – Mr. Netzer Castillo – EMPAQUES DE CENTROAMERICA; MEMBER IV – Mr. Zelik Tenenbaum – EDECA; MEMBER V- Mr. Shlomo Michaeli – GUATEPLAST; GUEST DIRECTOR – Mr. Raúl Bouscayrol – POLINDUSTRIAS; GUEST DIRECTOR – Mr. Luis Urrutia – TOSAF..

Olga Orellana - Presidenta de Plásticos
Ms. Olga Orellana
Chairwoman of the Plastic Products Commission
Marcos Arimany - Vice de Plásticos
Mr. Marcos Arimany
Vice Chair of the Plastic Products Commission

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