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Contact Center & BPO

Contact Center & BPO

The sector creates around 50,000 direct jobs and 120,000 indirect jobs, since it relies on other industries - such as telecommunications, security, food, transportation, infrastructure, and health, among others - for growth and support. It is estimated that every direct job created in the industry leads to the creation of 2.5 indirect jobs.


The Contact Center & BPO sector is considered to be one of the sectors with the greatest job creation potential for Guatemala, due to the trend in outsourcing services worldwide, the potential of the country due to its geographic and demographic characteristics, and the capacity for growth in companies that currently operate here.

Strategic pillars

Representation and Advocacy


Advocacy focused on the industry's growth opportunities, job creation potential in the country, and actions necessary to achieve these goals. Supported by the Guatemala No Se Detiene Plan and a 2020 McKinsey study.

Human capital


Improve and expand the human capital base through English-language and technology skills as a means for the growth of the industry.

System Facilitators


Boost the industry through a competitive and sustainable regulatory framework that promotes its growth.

Demand Creation


To intensify investment and attract customers for the country’s industry.

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