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Guatemalan Food and Beverages is a solid subsector, organized and represented in Trade Unions and Chambers such as the Guatemalan Exporters' Association -AGEXPORT- and has enjoyed sustained growth in recent years. The subsector has high capacity and variety of production, and serves markets in: Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania. It is the most important industrial activity in Guatemala, generating more than 100,000 direct jobs and more than 400,000 indirect jobs, 60% of them for women.

Product Categories

Processed foods

Production of a wide range of foods such as palm oil, baking products, sauces, canned foods ready for immediate consumption, dairy products, among others. In recent years, it has achieved greater competitiveness in global markets thanks to product innovation and the implementation of good quality practices.


Manufacture of a wide variety of beverages, including carbonated beverages, juices and nectars, bottled waters, energy drinks, beers and spirits, among others.


Production and marketing of a wide variety of sweets such as chocolates, candies, chewing gum, nougats and other sweets; innovation in the development of new flavors and presentations under the highest food safety standards.


Sustainable production with added value of canned foods, such as fruits and vegetables for consumers seeking nutritious and long-lasting foods.

Alimentos Balanceados

Food for farm animals, pets and aquaculture made with high quality ingredients and formulated with international standards to meet the specific nutritional needs of this segment.

Benefits of being an associate of the Food and Beverage Commission


As a member of the Food and Beverage Commission you may gain access to:

Personalized attention to address the needs of the company.

Specialized training on: Compliance with regulations to export and on Export processes.

Support through training and technical assistance for international trading.

Redesigning products, innovation and trends.

Cooperation management for business projects.

Trade information and market identification.

Business networking to build networks and partnerships.

Business tools to establish linkages with international buyers.

Representation and support to streamline export processes.

Advantages in joining Agexport


As a member of AGEXPORT you receive advice from the commission and related departments, particularly market information and trends on your export product. Likewise, you will be offered continuous bimonthly training in export processes and support to overcome obstacles to trade.


You may opt for institutional discounts offered to members and be listed in the exporters' Directory. In addition, you can participate in trade negotiations, receive invitations to trade fairs and for the promotion of our products and of your company with foreign businesses in order to grow your exports.

Melissa Corzo

Melissa Corzo

Masters Degree in Human Talent Management

Languages: Spanish, English


10 years of experience in International Trade. Fund planning and management. Negotiation. Commercial promotion, nationally and internationally. Food safety. Business leadership.

15 Avenue 14-72, Zone 13

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