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Food and Beverage

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Guatemalan Food and Beverage

In 2022, the Food and Beverage subsector represented an exportable value of + US$2.8 billion; this is equivalent to 18% of total Guatemalan exports accumulated to December 2022, which reflects a positive growth of US$559 million (24%) in relation to the previous year.


The Guatemalan Food and Beverage subsector is among the most important in the country's economy, contributing approximately 46% of the Industrial GDP, in fifth place in exports in 2022. In Guatemala, there are around 2,000 companies that make up this industry, divided into different subsectors, such as Processed Food, Beverages, Preserves, Confectionery and Animal Feed.


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The Food and Beverage Commission has managed alliances with:

Board of Directors of the Food and Beverage Subsector

Members of the Commission Board of Directors 2022-2023: Chair: Orlando Solórzano - INDUSTRIAS DE ACEITES Y GRASAS SUPREMA, S.A., Vice Chair: Gerardo Pallais - Alimentos S.A., Secretary: Samuel Padilla - MOLINO SANTA ANA S.A., Treasurer: Fernando Cifuentes - Atkinson's Candy Company Guatemala, Director: Alejandra Paiz - PANIFRESH S.A., Director, Principal Director: Gabriela Arias - COCA-COLA FEMSA, Director: Pedro Cofiño - MAXA, S.A., Director: Pedro González - Envasadora de Alimentos y Conservas, S.A., Guest Director: Ing. , Guest Director: Lic. José Melgar - Industrias Melgees, Guest Director: Sylvia Menéndez - PRODUCTOS ALIMENTICIOS YA ESTÁ, S.A., Guest Director: Lic. Javier Castillo - EMBOTELLADORA LA MARIPOSA, S.A., Guest Director: Eng. Francisco Menéndez - Conservas and Congelados Ya Está, S.A.

Orlando Solorzano - Presidente
Lic. Orlando Solórzano 
Chairman of the Food and Beverage Commission
Lic. Gerardo Pallais
Vice-chairman of the Food and Beverage Commission

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