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Food and Beverage Subsector

Guatemalan Food and Beverages an exportable value of + US$2.8 billion. This is equivalent to 18% of total Guatemalan exports accumulated to December 2022, which reflects a positive growth of US$559 million (24%) compared to the previous year.


It is one of the most important subsectors of the country's economy, contributing with approximately 46% of the Industrial GDP and ranking fifth in exports in 2022. In Guatemala, there are around 2,000 companies that make up this industry, divided into different subsectors, such as Processed Food, Beverages, Preserves, Confectionery and Animal Feed.

+ US$2.800 million

Exports in 2022 with a growth of 25% over 2021.

More than 70 export markets

Countries that import Guatemalan Foods and Beverages are mainly Central America, the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the UE.

More than 300 food products

Divided into 5 subsectors: Processed Food, Beverages, Preserves, Confectionery and Balanced Food.

Product Categories

Processed foods

Production of a wide range of foods such as palm oil, baking products, sauces, canned foods ready for immediate consumption, dairy products, among others. In recent years, it has achieved greater competitiveness in global markets thanks to product innovation and the implementation of good quality practices.


Manufacture of a wide variety of beverages, including carbonated beverages, juices and nectars, bottled waters, energy drinks, beers and spirits, among others.


Production and marketing of a wide variety of sweets such as chocolates, candies, chewing gum, nougats and other sweets; innovation in the development of new flavors and presentations under the highest food safety standards.


Sustainable production with added value of canned foods, such as fruits and vegetables for consumers seeking nutritious and long-lasting foods.

Balanced Food

Food for farm animals, pets and aquaculture made with high quality ingredients and formulated with international standards to meet the specific nutritional needs of this segment.

Melissa Corzo

Melissa Corzo

Masters Degree in Human Talent Management

Languages: Spanish, English


10 years of experience in International Trade. Fund planning and management. Negotiation. Commercial promotion, nationally and internationally. Food safety. Business leadership.

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