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Exporting Guatemalan Food to the World Program

  • Exporting to Central America
  • Exporting to the USA
  • Exportando a México
  • Exporting to the Dominican Republic

This initiative specializes in the Guatemalan Food and Beverage Subsector that seeks to prepare and strengthen industry companies to export their products to the most important international markets. The program focuses on providing advice and training on issues of regulations and requirements that companies must meet to enter the Central American, United States, Caribbean and Mexico markets.


LAC Flavors is one of the main Food and Beverages business forums in the region, connecting hundreds of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) exporters with buyers and importers from around the world.

FOOD Workshop Days

These are workshops that focus on developing and strengthening companies in the Food and Beverage sector in different areas of their business, such as Marketing and Advertising, Finance, Human Resources, Quality and Development, Innovation, among others.

Expo Provisiones

The most important trade fair in the Dominican Republic for basic necessity products.

Food Taipei

Specialized food and beverage trade fair in Tawan that brings together producers, buyers and experts from the whole world.

Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

Private Brand Trade Fairs of strategic retailers in the United States.


The most important International Trade Fair of the Guatemalan Manufacturing sector, which brings together producers, buyers and experts from all over the world.

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