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Handmade Subsector

Guatemalan Handmade Products


The work, dedication and cultural contribution of Guatemalan handicrafts are recognized internationally, and have a promising future and great challenges.


Currently in Guatemala there are many artisans who work with exporters and who are striving to create high-quality products in line with the needs and trends of international markets. These include handmade high-fashion clothing, footwear, and personal accessories, as well as home decoration products; gifts and souvenirs that range from traditional crafts to more innovative or specialty products to reach certain market niches.


It is a sector dominated by women, and represents the second largest employer nationwide, after agriculture. This sector represents more than 1 million artisans in the country with different ancestral and traditional techniques, as well as with updated designs and modern crafts.

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Board of Directors of the Handmade Subsector

Integrantes de la Junta Directiva de la Comisión 2024-2025: Presidenta Emma Gutiérrez – Mayú; Vice presidente Carlos Elel – MayaWorks; Secretaría Maura Parra – Etzbal; Tesorero Hubert Bendfeldt – Utz Box; Vocal I Eliza Babarczy – ITZA Wood; Vocal II Maria José Ponce – Arte Madera; Vocal III Giovani De Leon – Handycrafts Products La Selva, S.A;  Vocal IV Lilyan Benecke – Cerámica Topis; Director invitada Luisa Patán – Chi Luisa; Director invitada Susana Escalón –  Crane. 

Emma Gutiérrez
Chair of the Handmade Commission
Carlos Elel
Vice-Presidente de la Comisión de Hecho a Mano

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