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The Furniture, Wood and Products Commission represents the exporting businessmen responsible for 80% of the Sector's total exports, although it also has among its associates companies that are still planning to export.


50% of the associates are furniture manufacturers and for them a commercial platform EXPOMUEBLE has been set up, which has been promoting sales in the Sector for more than 30 years, it also organizes the LIFE Business Roundtable which facilitates sales with buyers international.


The Platform www.forestalgt.info was launched for companies with an export project starting in 2020. This platform provides all the necessary information for a company to become legally established under national and international governing entities.


The Board of Directors, made up of businessmen who represent the different product segments that make up the commission, is also in charge of denouncing and promoting the solution of issues that hinder and make the sector lose competitiveness, under the motto "We represent the interests of all businessmen , which cannot be solved individually.

Product Segments


Furniture for the institutional market (hotels and restaurants) and for department store chains.


Manufacture of custom-made furniture designed by interior designers.


Wood from FSC certified plantations and natural forests.


Made with dry timber and certified as adequate to transport food.


Italian design coffins manufactured in Guatemala for export to Italy and the US.


They are mainly exported to the United States for exclusive interior design projects.


Made with hardwood veneer exported mainly to the U.S.


Linkage between manufacturers.

Benefits of being a member of the Furniture, Wood and Products Commission - COFAMA


As a member of AGEXPORT through the Furniture, Wood and Wood Products Commission - COFAMA, you can access:

Events such as EXPOMUEBLE, SUPPLY and the LIFE Business Roundtable.

Personalized diagnosis to build an Export Plan.

Assistance in promoting your exports.

Digital tools to enable permanent networking.

Actions to defend sector interests.

Training and conversations to remain updated in management topics.

Representation in fora, linkage with other actors in the value chain, linkage with cooperation projects and international assistance programs, facilitation of timely information, monitoring of statistics, among others.

Advantages in joining AGEXPORT


As a member of AGEXPORT you may receive advisory services from the commission and related departments, as well as market information and trends of your export product. Likewise, you may receive bimonthly continuous training on export processes and support to address obstacles to trade.

You may opt for institutional discounts offered to members and be listed in the exporters' Directory. In addition, you can participate in trade negotiations, receive invitations to trade fairs and for the promotion of our products and of your company with foreign businesspersons to grow exports..

Rosa María Monzón

Rosa María Monzón

Bachelor of International Trade

Languages: Spanish, English


31 years of experience in development of exporting companies. Development of export companies. Free trade agreements. International cooperation. Commercial promotion, national and international.

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