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Furniture, Wood And Wood Products

Guatemalan Furniture, Wood and Wood Products


The name Guatemala comes from the Nahualtl ¨Quautlemallan¨ which means place of many trees. That explains the importance of the Forestry Sector for Guatemala, where 70% of the territory is forest vocation land. The sector has more than 2,500 registered companies, of which 300 are exporters of the following products: pallets, floors, doors, furniture, sawn and logged timber, boards and coffins, among others. We export to more than 34 countries, of which the United States ranks first, followed by El Salvador, Honduras, the Caribbean, Italy and Mexico.



The Commission currently has 92 active members. One of COFAMA's strengths is that its plans and strategies are developed by exporters who have the necessary experience to guide the actions of the Commission in order to grow exports.


Board of Directors of the COFAMA Subsector

Members of the 2022-2023 Board of Directors of the Commission : President German Dicker – Intap; Vice President Lorena Velásquez – Labrica; Treasurer Ingrid Gamboa – Natural Art; Secretary Enrico Bianchi – Trevi Fountain; Director Ivar Pérez – Sinai Furniture; Director Luis Pedro Solares – Ultra Industries; Director of Trade Fair Committee Pablo Sánchez Grupo Espacios; Director Juan Antonio Paz – El Higuerito.


Guest Director Jeaneth Contreras – Bapisa; Guest Director Edi Corado; Guest Director Michael Mussack – Mardecor; Guest Director German Cerezo – Grupo Entre Ríos; Guest Director Mario Castañeda – Fusion CAFA; Guest Director Adrián Cordero – Livistona Designs. 

Fotografía German Dicker
German Dicker
President COFAMA
Lorena Velasquez COFAMA
Lorena Velásquez
Vice-President of COFAMA

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