Exporter Development Services

Access all the export information about your industry BRAIN is an intelligent information system that aims to bring valuable information generated in AGEXPORT to Guatemalan exporters. Enter here

Exporter development services

Exporter promotion is facilitated through the forest manufacturing platform www.forestalgt.info, the Path to International Trading and the COFAMA Dashboard.

Digital Platforms for Trade Linkages


The digital platform for business linkages and the creation of commercial opportunities between the Central American exportable supply and international buyers from different markets. An ecosystem for business facilitation is promoted that highlights the best profiles of leading exporting companies in the region and profiles of international buyers in emerging industries worldwide. Both profiles are supported and verified by AGEXPORT.


Services of the Furniture, Wood and Wood Products Commission – COFAMA


As a member of AGEXPORT through the Furniture, Wood and Wood Products Commission, you have access to:


Export Platforms and Services

Guatemala Beyond Expectations


Movement formed by exporter companies committed to Guatemalan-made products and services with quality that exceeds expectations.

Buyers Analytics


Tailored services to identify potential clients.

Best Market Selection


Workshop led by the Market Intelligence Unit to share the CBI methodology with businesspersons.

Labeling Analysis


Consulting services for Guatemalan companies on product label requirements to ensure compliance with the Law.

Trade Information


Statistics, research, studies and best markets, products & services.

International Pavilions


Participation in major international trade fairs in the world through the country's exporter pavilions.

Trade Fairs


Participation in more international trade fairs in the world in the country's exporters' pavilion to promote exportable supply

Specialized Advisory Services


Specialized professional support to strengthen compliance by companies of their obligations in national and international markets.

One Stop for Exports -VUPE-


Digital platform that facilitates the export process of Guatemalan products.



Processing exports by sea for exporters as an option to reduce operation costs.

International Trading


Program that trains, advises and accompanies Guatemalan companies to export their commodities and services.

Business School


Professional and specialized training for professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen and senior executives with a leadership and global vision.

Dashboard COFAMA

Exporters Directory
Furniture, Wood and Wood Products

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