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Miscellaneous Manufactures of Guatemala


The Miscellaneous Manufactures industry represents 24% of the country's exports. Growth opportunities are broad and the sector industries foster vast generation of employment and industrialization for the country.


Additionally, Guatemala's strategic location offers logistical advantages. The country has entered into trade agreements with countries of interest in the region and the continent. Guatemala has an innovative business network, with manufacturing that meets international quality standards; we offer a diversity of products for different market niches and we also offer private labels.

The Guatemalan Pharmaceutical Industry has positioned itself as the main exporter and supplier of pharmaceutical products in the region thanks to its competitiveness and leadership. The national and international track record of these companies is certified by WHO's GMPs and they produce medicines, vitamins, supplements and natural products in Guatemala for international markets.

Miscellaneous Manufactures Board of Directors

Members of the board of directos: Ing. Jorge Chang, Polyproductos, President- Lic. José Valladares, Best Melamine, Vicepresident- Lic. Emmanuel Seidner, Laboratorios Santa Fe, Treasurer- Ing. Andrés Biguria, Duwest, Secretary- Lic. Francisco Ralda, Entre Ríos, Main Director- Ing. Ana Miriam Obregón, Cementos Progreso, Main Directo- Lic. Jorge Luis Arzú, Fábrica de Bebidas Gaseosas, Main Directo- Ing. Pedro Mérida, Cervecería Centroamericana, Main Director- Lic. Alejandro Toledo, Alianza Mayorista, Main Director- Lic. Carlos Borjes, Productos Avícolas, Main Director- Lic. Alejandro González, ITM, Main Director- Licda. Dulce Ralda, Agrocaucho, Guest Director- Ing. Fernando Flores, Kortek, Guest Director- Licda. Sophie Houdelot, CTL, Guest Director. 

Ing. Jorge Chang
Miscellaneous Manufactures President
Lic. José Valladares
Miscellaneous Manufactures Vicepresident

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