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Cosmetics and Hygiene Products from Guatemala

The Guatemalan Cosmetics and Hygiene Industry it includes manufacturers, exporters, and distributors of essential oils, fragrances, raw materials, cosmetics, personal care products, and hygiene and disinfection products. These products are exported mainly to Central America, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

The Cosmetics and Hygiene Industry is leader in the Central American region. Guatemala has great opportunities in the international arena, thanks to its huge wealth in biodiversity and the growing concern for personal well-being, anti-aging treatments and a population with higher disposable income that prefers natural cosmetics that also make a contribution to health and well-being.


Cosmetics and Hygiene Subsector Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors of the Commission 2022-2023: CHAIR Giovanni Cardona - Grupo Génesis, VICE CHAIR Orlando Solorzano - Industria de Jabones y Detergentes Las Palmas, SECRETARY Natalia Ralda - APAESA, TREASURER Blanca Delia Alvarado - Hydrodiffusion de Guatemala, DIRECTOR Alain Ruiz - Shalom, DIRECTOR César Vettorazzi Alonzo - EXTRACT, S.A., DIRECTOR Kathleen Velásquez - AVON, DIRECTOR Erick López - Laboratorio La Fama, GUEST DIRECTOR Silvana Marsicovetere - Flushing Cosmetics, GUEST DIRECTOR Roberto Barrera - Distribuidora del Caribe, GUEST DIRECTOR Lucy Ashman - Tierra & Lava, GUEST DIRECTOR Jorge Doradea - Univar Solutions 

Giovanni Cardona
Chair of the Cosmetics and Hygiene Commission 
Orlando Solorzano
Vice Chair of the Cosmetics and Hygiene Commission

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