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Exporter development services

It is very important for the Cardamom subsector to promote cardamom, the development of new businesses and new markets. The services that the cardamom subsector of Agexport offers are these: statistical analysis, the search for partnerships and creation of support projects, field research, support through cross-agency advocacy, support and advocacy in international standards and regulations, and the definition of international bean quality parameters.

Digital Platform for Trade Linkages

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Services for Cardamom Subsector members


As a member of AGEXPORT through the cardamom subsector you gain access to:

Statistical Analysis

Partnership Opportunities

Development of Strategic Partnerships

Platforms and Services for the facilitation of international business

Guatemala Beyond Expectations

Movement of exporters committed to the quality of Guatemalan made products and services that exceed expectations.

Trade information


Statistics, research, studies and best Markets, Products & Services

International Pavilions

Participation in international trade fairs in the world, in the country's exporters' pavilion, to promote exportable supply.

Trade Shows

National events that aim for international targets and projection for exportable supply.


Trade platform that brings together Guatemalan growers and exporters for the purpose of creating value chains.

Path to International Trading

This program provides training, advisory and support services for Guatemalan companies to export their products and services.

Graduate Business School

Professional and specialized training for professionals, entrepreneurs, businesspersons and senior managers with leadership and a global vision.

One-stop-shop for Exports -VUPE-

Digital platform that facilitates the export of Guatemalan commodities.

Specialized Consulting

Specialized professional support to strengthen company obligations by companies in national and international markets.

FDA Registration

Service to create the company's account in the FDA system


Events where the main actors of the productive chain of the sector: researchers, technicians, growers, exporters and importers, meet to present and share experiences, outcomes, innovations, research and success stories.


Processing exports by sea for exporters as an option to reduce operation costs.

Exporters Directory

Platforms and related services