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Guatemala, the best country to invest



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Economic engine in Central America



With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) close to US$ 70 billion and more than 16 million inhabitants, Guatemala is the largest economy in the entire Central American region. From the country, companies can serve the growing Central American market and southern Mexico, to reach more than 45 million people and up to US$322 billion. The location of Guatemala is strategic to serve this important market.

Guatemala represents 35% of the region's economy



The country stands out for its good macroeconomic management, with stable and controlled inflation levels (close to 4 percent per year), a high level of monetary reserves, sustained economic growth levels of approximately 3 percent each year (showing growth even in the strongest years of the global economic crisis), and a GDP per capita that is currently at US$ 4,154.70. The exchange rate is stable, allowing companies to make adequate financial projections without worrying about exchange risks.

Highly diversified productive sector



Guatemala has experienced in recent years an important productive diversification, developing a wide number of productive sectors. Some of these, traditional to the country, are very important (as is the case of agriculture, which represents 10 percent of the national GDP). However, commercial activity (23) and industry (18) are equally very important.


The different service industries are likewise very important for the country and are currently experiencing a very significant dynamism: software development services, contact centers and BPO, tourism, laboratory services, among others.

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