Exporter development services

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Exporter development services

The Mango Subsector seeks to position itself in international markets through the most important agricultural trade fairs nationally and internationally.

Digital Platform for Trade Linkages

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Services Provided When Joining the Mango Subsector


As a member of AGEXPORT through the Mango Subsector, you can:

Mango Annual Trainings

Management of Admissibility Protocols for new markets

Project execution to get International Cooperation funds

Market studies specific for the sector

Platforms and Services for International Trading

Guatemala Beyond Expectations

Movement of leaders that promotes, positions and supports the quality of its people, products, and services to position Guatemala as a country that exceeds expectations.

Business Information


Statistics, research, studies and best Markets, Products & Services

International Pavilions

Participation in international trade fairs around the world in the country's exporters' pavilion to promote exportable supply.

Trade Shows

National events that pursue objectives and international projection for the exportable supply.


A trade platform that brings together Guatemalan growers with exporters for the purpose of creating value chains.

Internationalization Route

A program that trains, advises and accompanies Guatemalan companies to export their goods and services.

Higher School of Business

Professionalization and specialization for professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen and senior executives with leadership and global vision.

One-stop-shop for Exports -VUPE-

A digital platform that facilitates the export of Guatemalan commodities.

Specialized Consulting

Specialized professional support to strengthen compliance with the obligations of companies in the national and international markets.

FDA Registration

Company account creation service with the FDA system.


Events where the main actors of the productive chain of the sector meet.


Export procedures by sea for exporting companies as an option to reduce operating costs.

Exporters Directory

Platforms and related services