Members Benefits

Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector Benefits


The most relevant benefits obtained by members of the Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector are described below:

To take advantage of the excellent prestige and image enjoyed locally and internationally by AGEXPORT.

To enjoy AGEXPORT's national and international achievements in company management and cost-cutting matters.

To participate in national and international trade negotiations led by AGEXPORT.

To take advantage of the services provided by AGEXPORT Departments.

To take advantage of the ability, as a member, to interact with all the Sector's clusters.

To obtain strategic assistance to address problems faced by the industry through the technical and negotiation capacity of the Sector's Office.

To enjoy the benefits of international markets achieved for aquaculture and fishing products.

To have the ability to resolve conflicts that affect the Sector through dialogue and negotiations using the Sector's Office as a link.

To have better laws, regulations and official control and monitoring programs for the Sector through proposals made by this Sector to Competent Authorities.

Serve as a link between Sector members and Competent Authorities to meet their demands and requirements to satisfaction.

Training programs on business management, international certifications and other topics of interest to the Sector.

Specialized and personalized assistance from the Sector's Office to start the export process.

Access to technical information newsletters of interest to the Sector.

Networking during the Aquaculture Symposium in Guatemala.

Implementation and support for sector-wide cooperation projects.

Customized consultation for member companies on matters of rules of origin, customs tariffs and import and export requirements.

Participation in meetings on competitiveness and advocacy.

Access to technical reports on bills and regulation matters

Access to national and international regulations updates in Sector's markets.

Availability of export statistics by product and/or markets.

Participation in specialized workshops on topics of the Sector industries.

Advantages in joining AGEXPORT

As a member of AGEXPORT you may receive advice from the commission and related departments, particularly market information and trends on your export product. Likewise, you will be offered continuous bimonthly training in export processes and support to overcome obstacles to trade.

You may opt for institutional discounts offered to members and be listed in the exporters' Directory. In addition, you can participate in trade negotiations, receive invitations to trade fairs and for the promotion of our products and of your company with foreign businesses in order to grow your exports.

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